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a reveal of sorts

I believe it's time for an update. My many unrealized projects—whatever they have been called over the reaches of time—have tried to be many things, and they have usually revolved around fantasy, sci-fi, games, and web comics. I have had trouble deciding which direction to focus on, and that remains true. I'm hoping to develop a sci-fi webcomic, and I am also going to be making some videos of various types. I'm hoping to get production of the videos underway soon, and as you've seen from my previous post, the comic is already in the works. No delivery dates I'm afraid, only vague promises and notions that I hope to have fun things only soon.



There are reasons I'm slow even when life is running somewhat normally, and I think we all know that life hasn't been normal of late. In any case, here is proof I've been working on at least one part of this project.